Rooted in Indian Nostalgia

Born from the memories of monsoon afternoons spent sipping authentic Masala Chai. Deep in the Masinagudi Jungle, steam rising from teacups in a treehouse perch. Conversation halting at the sound of Langur monkeys sounding their alarm. A call that could only mean the elusive Bengal tiger may be prowling nearby…

Inspired by the adventures of Moksha co-creator Nicola, this spiced gin evokes the feelings and flavours of time spent living in India. Where she felt a sense of arriving home in a place she’d never been before. Where she felt her very own Moksha moment of freedom.

Crafted in New Zealand

By way of the UK (and many visits back to India), Nicola returned to her native New Zealand. And then, she met Kitty. Both fiercely independent and cleverly bold, these kindred spirits reached a meeting of minds. This is the story of two Kiwi women seeking something more. A break in the daily cycle of Samsara normalcy. And gin was their outlet.

So in a copper still in a Takapuna home kitchen, they tested and tasted. A touch more cardamom, a hint less lime. Toiling away until the very moment Moksha was made. Now distilling has outgrown the home benchtop, but the original recipe is maintained just down the street, carefully crafted in the very same North Shore neighbourhood.

We source our botanicals from the farms of southern india. This creates our distinct, bold flavour.

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